human-automationWritten by William E. Rogers MBA, CFP, EA

This is not something out of a science fiction movie, or requires any stretch of the imagination. Every day, every week, and every month that goes by from now until some point in the not so distant future, a new technology is being launched that automates a task once performed by a human. Many of us marvel over all the cool things that our gadgets can do for us. But, have we ever wondered what the world will be like if we suddenly find ourselves one day competing for our jobs against a robot? [Read more…]


robots welding in an automobile factory

Written by William E. Rogers MBA, CFP, EA

As the election season heats up, you are probably going to hear a lot of discussion about trade policy. Although there is no question that millions of American workers have been displaced by globalization; I personally feel that this is the wrong issue to focus on. Why, because the offshoring of jobs and the ensuing hollowing out of small town America have taken place over thirty years. I believe that it is extremely dishonest to tell voters that we are going to magically bring our jobs back by simply renegotiating trade deals. The reality is the global economy doesn’t work that way. We are only lying to ourselves by not recognizing the fact that the genie has left the bottle, and there’s no putting him back in. Whether we like it or not, we have to come to the stark realization that jobs that have been lost to global trade are not coming back. [Read more…]