ABA guy in paperwork ssAt ASCEND Business Advisory has been helping small to medium sized businesses for years with tax, accounting, and advisory services. The one thing we know — keeping your business together is no small task. Quite often, important financial and business elements are neglected and the business begins to suffer in areas of: general accounting, taxes, business management and operations.

Here’s where ASCEND comes in. We’re the team to call when you need an Extreme Accounting Makeover. We offer a customized, 21st Century business model with network based software, complete training and on-going support. CALL NOW 888 297-3321. Our goal is to clean up your books, rebuild your existing accounting system, and resolve your business concerns. We are here to take your business to new heights so you can enjoy greater prosperity, and the opportunity for a sustainable financial future.

Managing your business is no easy task. Very often, the basics like accounting, paying taxes, and managing finances are neglected. This is where we can help.

The 911 Team for Business – ASCEND is the team to call when you are in need of an Extreme Accounting Makeover. Services are personalized to your specific needs, and include cloud based accounting solutions, one on one training, and on-going support by business/accounting professionals. Our goal is not only to help clean up your books, ASCEND helps you move onward to greater heights of profitability.

ASCEND Method IconWith ASCEND, you experience a fully integrated system we call the ASCEND Method, which includes Accounting, Tax Solutions and Strategic Advisory for the whole business.

We’re the team you need when your books are in disarray and in need of an extreme makeover, or if you need a good accounting cleanup. Learn more>

Expert tax strategies and advice are provided to you. We guide you through the entire tax process, including: Income tax, Multistate Reporting, Sales and Use Tax, Local Business Property Tax, Payroll, and International Reporting. Learn more>

In this hyper competitive environment, emerging companies need a business advisor who can help create business strategies for competing in today’s environment. Let us be your CFO on demand – we’re there when you need us. To ASCEND you and your company to the next level, we help you develop: a Corporate Strategy, Business Analytics, and Organizational Development and Leadership. Learn more>

ASCEND develops meaningful relationships by working closely with you in delivering a higher level of business solutions and results for the longevity and prosperity of your business and brand. We do it through our highly integrated system, The ASCEND Method.

For your free consultation call the experts at ASCEND Business Advisory at 888 297-3321.