The ASCEND Back Office System

ASCEND Back Office imageAn experienced accounting and business professional, William knows what it takes to operate a business and to maintain dynamic growth. His passion for business is what makes ASCEND unique in the business community.

In one interview he was asked to explain his passion for his clients and he said, “I see myself as the ‘go-to-guy’ for companies in trouble…’the doctor in the ER’, if you will. A company may have been lax in their bookkeeping, been forced to ignore taxes for months, or be on the brink – and I am the guy who brings them back from financial disaster.” – William Rogers

At it’s core, ASCEND is not just a transactional service, it is far more. When you work with ASCEND, you get William’s knowledge and expertise in extreme accounting, where he finds the trouble areas in your current accounting, and he finds resolutions to the problems, and sets you up for a successful future.

Your company is then set up on the ASCEND Back Office System, a full service accounting and bookkeeping system, based around QuickBooks, and various other software modules designed specifically for your company needs. Working in cloud computing has many advantages, and William sets you up, he fully trains you and your staff, and raises your level of proficiency – and makes the process simple.

It’s not enough to offer the best software and training in the business, it’s ASCEND’s ongoing consultation and advisory prowess that truly distinguishes ASCEND’s services. It is our job to get your company back on track, trained, and to keep things running smoothly for the long term.

ASCEND provides a 21st Century model that automates the basic functions of your accounting to take your business to greater heights of prosperity.