Setting your business up for longevity, sustainability, and growth requires strategic planning. Whether you do it for yourself or you have ASCEND come in to help with the heavy lifting, we work with you at any level you need. From starting a business to restructuring, and streamlining a business for maximum benefit and profitability, we have the knowledge, experience and skill to see you through the tough times and elevate your business in the best of times.

ASCEND delivers a multitude of strategic business services:

· CFO on demand

· Business planning/budgeting

· Strategic business evaluation

· Operations assessment, streamlining and improvement

· Strategic partnerships

· Forecasting for the long-term

· Business entity, planning/structure

· Brand development

· Financial planning/strategy

· Risk mitigation

· Entity structuring and planning

· Banking

· Financing

· Capital formation, private capital

· Raising capital

· Tax strategy/planning

· Tax filing, even in the most difficult situations

· Company restructuring

· Turnaround planning

· Research and development

· Full scope of service to ascend your business to new heights


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