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Accounting Solutions

ASCEND Business Advisory’s Accounting Solutions for small business owners is the go-to accounting solution for your small business. If your books are in total disarray, we give them an extreme makeover.

Some accounting clean-up projects are way over the head of a bookkeeper, and too cost prohibitive to hire an accounting firm. That is where ASCEND comes in. We’re experts at reconstructing a businesses’ accounting books and records, regardless if you have years of unfiled tax returns, experienced a disaster, or in the midst of a divorce.

Our approach is to train your staff to handle the day to day while we oversee the work as your company’s Controller. Or, you can outsource specific functions to us for a set price. Our job is to provide the solution that fits within your budget.

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Small Business Accounting Services

ASCEND can help you with all aspects of your business’ accounting needs, including the following accounting services:

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting: We help your company keep current, updated books, with all transactions entered into the proper accounts. This will make paying taxes and payroll easier, as well as ensure that month-end reports are accurate.
  • QuickBooks Accounting/Set Up/Training: QuickBooks is still the most used accounting software, and we’ll get you setup and running. Your records are easy to access, from anywhere, with cloud technology.
  • CFO-on-Demand: When your business needs a CFO but isn’t ready to hire one, ASCEND is there for you to ensure your books and records are done properly, identify key decision-making data, ensure the business is in compliance, and ensure your financial systems aid your internal team.
  • Payroll: Often the biggest stressor in a business, ASCEND can handle all of your payroll needs from hiring to benefits and more.
  • Taxes: We’ll help you prepare and file all of your taxes – income, sales and use taxes – on time and in the right amounts.
  • Multistate and International Reporting: If you operate in multiple states or countries, no need to worry over different tax rates and laws. We’ve got you covered with the tax solutions for your business and you personally.
  • eCommerce Accounting: eCommerce is fairly new ground in the area of tax and it seems to get more complicated each year, with states attempting to collect collect taxes from state-to-state. We’ll set you up for success and ensure that you pay the right taxes.

Does Your Business Need a Financial Business Advisor?

Any business will benefit from a good Financial Business Advisor and Accountant. The real question is, “When should you hire the expert?” Typically, businesses wait too long to hire the financial business advisor/accountant really need. The best time to do so is right at startup, to ensure that the books are setup properly and that a bookkeeping system is in place, including monthly, quarterly, and annual reports needed to make key business decisions.

What if you did it yourself in the beginning? When does hiring a business advisor/accountant make sense? There are obvious times, like when taxes or payroll are coming due or when financial institutions like banks ask for reports. In addition to reacting to those cases, we recommend hiring a business advisor/accountant as soon as you can. Having your books setup properly and getting those reports created will provide you with the information and insight you need to really make great business decisions. Outsourcing your small business accounting services helps eliminate extra costs, increase sales and profitability for the future of your business.

The ASCEND Difference

By now, you’re starting to realize the value of hiring an accomplished business accountant and business advisor for managing your business at any level. At ASCEND Business Advisory, it’s the extent of knowledge, skillful application of accounting, tax and business advisory services – and the attentive service that helps make your business thrive. So, find out for yourself if ASCEND is the right choice for your business by signing up for your FREE Consultation with William.

We’re based in San Diego and operate wherever you need us.

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