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ASCEND Back Office Accounting System

Improve Business with Dynamic Accounting Systems & Customized Services

The ASCEND Back Office Accounting System is a powerful, affordable and flexible accounting tool for everyday business operations. Back office solutions include General Accounting, Human Resources and Record Keeping are the primary functions the system was designed for, and it can be expanded to meet your specific needs.

In your partnership with ASCEND Business Advisory, we work closely with you to clean up your books, stabilize the financial end of your business, and show you a better path to prosperity, and it’s all within your budget.

ASCEND thinks differently from the run of the mill accounting firms. Our clients appreciate that we ‘dig in’ to clean up even the worst bookkeeping disasters that arise. We have developed a system of accounting for this day and age. It’s affordable, flexible and the system automates your accounting and business functions, which you can access from any computer. We offer the highest standards of quality in training, and we work hand in hand with you to forge a lasting relationship far into the future.

Clean Up Your Books – Set Your Business Up for Growth

At ASCEND, we feel it’s vital to remedy any existing problems with your books. We are well versed in “forensic accounting,” and we dig deep into your books, finding the problems and reconstructing them fully. The next step is to set your business up with a customized, network based QuickBooks system that matches your company needs and resources. It’s easy to use, budget friendly, and flexible enough to grow with your business needs. This is where ASCEND Back Office accounting solutions become valuable tools for you.

ASCEND trains your staff to efficiently use the system, and offers ongoing support to automate all of your accounting and business functions. We don’t just train your people and walk away – we offer ongoing, 24/7 support from our knowledgeable staff.

Being online and network based, our system offers many benefits:

  • It’s set up for the way business is done in today’s world
  • Access to your data is available anytime, and from anywhere
  • Automatic data backup and security
  • Mac/PC formats are available to accommodate any operating system
  • The system is fully upgraded, as your needs grow
  • No software installations or downloads are required

Unlike spreadsheets, QuickBooks is easy for anyone to use. The built-in accounting functions organize and calculate your finances, puts your sales, expenses, customer and vendor profiles at your fingertips, helps track sales, creates professional invoices, and receives payments from customers. The software also tracks your expenses and categorizes them so you can analyze your spending.

All your businesses financial records are right where you need them, and when tax time rolls around you have complete records in an easy to print format.

ASCEND Back Office System

Select the Level of Service Best Suited to Your Business

The ASCEND Office System comes in four package levels, all of which can be expanded to fit the needs of your business. Each package includes all the necessary training and support your company expects.

STARTER•Pak – designed for the start-up business and includes a Certified QuickBooks account set-up, along with basic business customization. Of course this package is expandable and will grow along with your business.

PRO•Pak – offers more modules and is the essential monthly accounting package your business deserves. This package includes accounting business and financial review, account adjustments, reconciliation, tax compliance as well as ongoing consultation with the ASCEND staff.

EXECU•Pak – our top of the line package includes all the assets and functionality of the PROPak and is upgraded for a business Controller and CFO. Modules let you customize business strategies, offer financial analysis and reporting along with accounts payable, HR planning and targeted solutions for future growth.

If all your business wants is an hourly fee structure, ASCEND has an A La Carte level that will easily meet your needs. Think of it as a pay as you go set-up to fit your current budget.

At ASCEND Business Advisory we know that running a business can be a challenge which is why we offer back office solutions. Our aim is to offer you an ongoing partnership, flexible technology, unparalleled support, and a way to better prosperity.

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