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Tax Services

ASCEND Business Advisory offers Tax Solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Emerging technologies have enabled companies to create disruptive business models. Unfortunately tax regulations have failed to keep pace. We offer expert tax advice and consulting for innovative companies.

We guide you through the maze of draconian tax regulations so that they do not trip up your success:

  • Income tax: Our income tax services cover the broad range of tax accounting and filing needs for any small business, from sole proprietors to partnerships, LLCs and corporations.
  • Multistate Reporting: We will keep your business tax compliant with the state revenue agencies where you do business and take the confusion out of trying to understand all of the differing state tax laws.
  • Sales & Use Tax: From retail businesses to services and contractors, we ensure that your business is paying the right amount of sales and use tax.
  • Local Business Property Tax: If your business owns tangible property, we’ll make sure that you maximize the tax advantages of property ownership.
  • Payroll: We integrate with your accounting and timesheet software to make sure you’re paying your payroll and payroll taxes on time and remain fully compliant. We keep both your employees and the IRS happy!
  • International Reporting: Do business in Mexico or other countries? We have you covered there, too. International tax law can change without notice. That’s why we’re here for you.

‘Key Records You Need To Save For Tax Purposes’
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ASCEND Business Advisory takes on the Tax Solutions for your business so that you remain compliant, pay the right amount of taxes, and have the time to focus on doing what you do best — run your business. You’ll spend more time working on your business and less time stressed out over taxes.


ASCEND Tax strategies and solutions will help take the stress off.
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